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Baby’s Breath is back and has a new look!

For years, we have rolled our eyes at the tired look that some florists still use in all of their floral designs.  Leading designers put it aside a decade ago.   You know what I’m talking about; the flowers perfectly spaced and the Baby’s Breath stuffed in between.  We saw it a lot in the ’60’s, 70’s, and ’80’s, but not for a long time in wedding design work.  It is a very dated and undesired look:

However, Baby’s Breath is back!  Not in the use pictured above, but in fresh new ways, from vintage look to contemporary.  So what makes it look so different and current?  Let it stand alone!  Baby’s Breath is a lovely, delicate flower.  When used in bunches, it takes on a whole new look.   I have been known to be  a Baby’s Breath snob, but I am loving the new look.  It’s clean, fresh, and romantic.  It can be used to create a casual tablescape as in the vintage look here:

It’s also a very versatile flower.  For a completely different look, pair it with a sleek, contemporary container:

You will be seeing it pop up more frequently in weddings in 2012 and beyond.  I’m in love with this pew/aisle marker!  The doily wrapped around a paper cone adds an element that compliments the softness of the fluffy flower:

Even bridesmaids are carrying bouquets of it.  It’s light as a feather, inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about it wilting.  It will dry exactly like it is, so you can keep it forever!  I found these pictures on Pinterest.  You should visit THAT website!  It’s addictive, but you will find some awesome things there.

What’s your take on Baby’s Breath?  Do you like it?  Are you happy that it is an in product for wedding decor again?  What’s your favorite wedding flower?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a beautiful day!

Pam Archer


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