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Through a Photographer’s Eyes

Stan Crabtree is an artist who found his true passion the first time he picked up a camera.  Since he started Crabtree Photography he has photographed more than 300 weddings.  Ever improving his craft and staying current with the trends, he uses some of the best equipment available.  He said that when he first started, he made a portfolio of all of his pictures.  He took this to all the women he knew and asked for their honest feedback.  He received all positive reviews.  Of this experience he says, “Just because your friends say they love your work and that you are a good photographer only means that you have good friends.”  He is way too modest!  I have known Stan for several years.  He is a very kind, honest, and caring man, devoted husband and father, and a wedding vendor that I am completely comfortable referring a bride to.  He loves what he does, and he is good at it!

Stan’s photography is good, no matter what the occasion, but I am particularly impressed with his rural style.  He has been generous enough to allow me to share a few of my favorite images on this blog.

I’m a pushover for any photo of children, so I chose these two precious pictures:

What country wedding would be complete without boots?  I love this shot of the boots, bouquet, and veil.  I am going to pin this on Pinterest…another obsession of mine!

Candid shots are my favorite!  I wonder what’s going through their heads as they sit and enjoy each others company and the scenery?

I think this photo is stunning!  Can you see the reflection of the bride and her bouquet in the mirror across from her?

Brides, don’t walk to the phone to call Stan…RUN!!!  You can trust him with your wedding day and any other special event in your life.  Check out his website, too at Crabtree Photography.  Stan primarily serves the Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee area, but will travel upon request.

Thanks for stopping by.  I read and appreciate all of your comments, so please post one.  Tell all your friends about this blog and encourage them to visit, too.
Have a blessed day!
Pam Archer

Fall Weddings

We love doing Fall weddings.  The colors of the flowers are so much more vibrant, due to the cooler weather.  Meagan and Aaron’s wedding color palette played to the colors of autumn so beautifully.  They chose teal and red, but in much more muted tones than what we normally see.  The end result was breathtaking!  Jim Goodwin did a great job of capturing this picture of the bridesmaids:

The reception was in  the Grand Soldier’s Ballroom, at The Carnegie Hotel.  The ballroom is a replica of the dining room on the Titanic:

The room needed very little added decoration.  We chose the neutral linen so it wouldn’t compete with the elegance of the room.   The couple’s colors were brought in with the flowers:

Lots of candles made it very romantic:

Meagan enjoyed some time with her guests.  Notice the water in the vases on the mantle:

Don’t you just love this peek of the wedding cake, by Marji Chambers?

Meagan and her mom, Teri, were a delight to work with.  It wasn’t like work at all!  I think the wedding was exquisite and everything turned out so perfectly.  Now that’s a success!

Thanks for stopping by.  Come back soon to see another lovely Fall wedding.

Pam Archer, President

Pamela’s Event Design

Saying I Do at Maple Lane Farm

 Maple Lane Farm in Johnson City, TN lends the perfect backdrop for a summer afternoon wedding.   The gazebo is located beside a pond, where ducks and geese swim.  Beth and Jonathan’s wedding had a casual, but elegant feel to it.

Maple Lane Farm Gazebo

Gerbera daisies have long been a favorite of brides for outdoor weddings, and both bride and groom chose them as their favorite flower.  Beth carried a bouquet of gerbera daisies, roses, and stephanotis.

Bridal boquet of stephanotis, roses, and gerbera daisies

For outdoor weddings, this tropical punch color of the bridesmaids dresses really pop against the background of green grass and trees.

The bride must walk through a barn to get to the gazebo

Bride Enters through a barn

The reception pavilion was decorated with gerbera daisies and brightly colored ribbon.

Other tables had submerged gerbera daisies.

How could you be anything but happy when you look at these huge paper flowers?

Maple Lane  is the perfect venue for an outdoor, relaxed wedding.

Above photos courtesy of Cable Photography

Maple Lane Farm

3134 Cherokee Rd.

Johnson City, TN 37604


My next few posts will begin a series which features some of the other popular wedding venues in our region.  You don’t want to miss this!  The stories will make the hair the back of your neck stand up as the owners reveal the secrets of the past.

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Pam Archer

Baby’s Breath Experiences Rebirth In Wedding Decor

Baby’s Breath is back and has a new look!

For years, we have rolled our eyes at the tired look that some florists still use in all of their floral designs.  Leading designers put it aside a decade ago.   You know what I’m talking about; the flowers perfectly spaced and the Baby’s Breath stuffed in between.  We saw it a lot in the ’60’s, 70’s, and ’80’s, but not for a long time in wedding design work.  It is a very dated and undesired look:

However, Baby’s Breath is back!  Not in the use pictured above, but in fresh new ways, from vintage look to contemporary.  So what makes it look so different and current?  Let it stand alone!  Baby’s Breath is a lovely, delicate flower.  When used in bunches, it takes on a whole new look.   I have been known to be  a Baby’s Breath snob, but I am loving the new look.  It’s clean, fresh, and romantic.  It can be used to create a casual tablescape as in the vintage look here:

It’s also a very versatile flower.  For a completely different look, pair it with a sleek, contemporary container:

You will be seeing it pop up more frequently in weddings in 2012 and beyond.  I’m in love with this pew/aisle marker!  The doily wrapped around a paper cone adds an element that compliments the softness of the fluffy flower:

Even bridesmaids are carrying bouquets of it.  It’s light as a feather, inexpensive, and you don’t have to worry about it wilting.  It will dry exactly like it is, so you can keep it forever!  I found these pictures on Pinterest.  You should visit THAT website!  It’s addictive, but you will find some awesome things there.

What’s your take on Baby’s Breath?  Do you like it?  Are you happy that it is an in product for wedding decor again?  What’s your favorite wedding flower?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a beautiful day!

Pam Archer


DIY Wedding Projects

Being a do-it-yourself person, I understand why many brides are doing a lot of things themselves for their weddings.  My advice to my brides is to choose a couple of things to do yourself.   Your wedding will have a more personal feel to it, plus you will have fun doing the projects.  Don’t take on too many projects, though.  It will only stress you and consume all of your time, leaving you too tired to enjoy your wedding day.

This week, I found some super cute and cool projects for weddings.   They all include tutorials.  I have included the links to them for your convenience.

If you are like me, you are very bored with silver and gold cake stands.  Why not make your own? I love these cake stands!  You can make them any size you want,  and any color you prefer.  You can find the complete tutorial at Bee In Our Bonnet:

Guest favors are optional, but if you want something easy and fun to do how about these thank you bags?  Each guest can fill them with candy from your candy buffet.  The folks at Hey Gorgeous teach you how to make them:

If you are tired of the traditional guest book or picture signing, make one of these keepsake albums.  Your guests write a note to you and put it in one of the envelopes.  How nice is that?  I found this idea over at Martha Stewart Weddings:

And for your outdoor wedding, keep guests cool with the homemade paper fans.  Aren’t they adorable?  Two Shades of Pink has this and other fab ideas:

These ideas send me straight to my workshop to experiment.  How about you?  What are you planning to do for your wedding or party?  I would love to hear from you, and feature your project here.  Submit to

Happy Planning!

Pam Archer

Flower Girls Steal the Show

Let’s face it.  While the bride is the star of the show, it’s the flower girl who is the scene stealer.  After all, girls will be girls.  Flower girls are darling, they bring an innocence to the ceremony.  There are so many on-line sources for dresses for them that it is almost too hard to pick just one.  I found some really adorable ones for our 2011 starlets.  But before we get to that, take a look at these cuties:

I’m still laughing at this next one. It took a few seconds for me to realize what they had done:

You can practice all you want, but flower girls have their own way of doing things:

Flower girls aren’t limited to wearing white.  They can wear a contrasting color to the bridesmaids, or the same color as the bridesmaids.  Here are a few examples that won’t break the bank.  All of these are under $75!  The first one is from The Wooden Soldier:

I found lots of beautiful, inexpensive dresses at Pink Princess:

A flower girl’s dress doesn’t have to be a solid color.  Plaids and prints are very sweet and pretty, particularly for an outdoor wedding.  This one is from Cutie Clothes

Which dress is your favorite?  Why?  Please share your funny flower girl story in the Comments below.

DIY Table Decorations for Spring Brunch

Inspiration for creating an event or wedding design can come from the tiniest thing.  I’m ever looking for new designs, color combinations, or products to create something fresh.

Saturday morning our Women’s Ministry, of which I am the director, hosted a Mother-Daughter Brunch.  The event included women of all ages in addition to young children, and teens.  The challenge in planning the decor and the program was to appeal to all age groups.  The hostesses did a fabulous job decorating their respective tables.  All of the ideas were unique and creative.

I decorated three of the tables, so I was on the lookout weeks ago for inspiration.  My favorite of the three tables was one that was inspired from some Martha Stewart stickers I saw at Michael’s.  The stickers were in a strip, which was just long enough to cut in half and create two napkin rings.  To give them stability, I added a backing of scrapbook paper:

DIY Napkin Rings

DIY Napkin Rings

The felt flowers and Lady Bugs on the stickers inspired the theme of the table.  I went with over-sized chip bowls, found at Big Lots.  I already had the over-sized daisies, but I purchased the orange pot at Michael’s.  Those 40% off coupons came in handy!

Adding little touches like the colored rocks and visors made it all come together.

I enjoyed making the place cards for each person.  I layered the card stock with their names and two other scrapbook papers.  The lady bug and flower stickers are also from the Martha Stewart sticker selection.

Our theme was “Beautiful Me”.  I did a play on words with” Katrina is Beetle-ful.”


The second table had a vintage theme to it.  I used softer colors in cream, yellow, and pink.  I found the china on E-bay.  The compacts were a guest favor.  I found them for $2 at Michael’s.  I made candy wrappers out of scrapbook paper.   I had fun making those; the guests had fun eating the Hershey’s chocolate bar!

For the diy centerpiece, I purchased this small, tabletop mannequin, and made a dress for it out of ribbon, rhinestones, and scrapbook paper, all purchased at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

The hat box, perfume bottle, and hydrangea for the centerpiece were purchased at Michael’s.  It made a beautiful vintage table.

The third table was my spa table.  When I think of becoming beautiful on the outside, I think of getting a mani-pedi and a massage.  The women loved this table!

When I decided to go “spa”, I thought it needed to have an earthy feel to it, as well as a relaxing appeal.  I think I accomplished both with this brown and turquoise color scheme.

It being a spa table, it needed a water feature.  Since this was a brunch and no candles were used, I brought the feel of a spa by using submerged tulips and river rocks.

I found these adorable little white buckets at Target for $1 each.  I switched out the ribbon to match my table and Voila!  I filled them with spa goodies.

Brown terry cloth wash cloths served as napkins, and I made personalized napkin rings out of scrapbook paper.  Notice the bar of soap above the plate.  It’s made out of marshmallow creme and Rice Krispies.  I was running out of time, so my friend Martha Rhoton made them for me.  The clear crystals surrounding the plates, added sparkle and they looked like big water droplets.

Whether you are planning a wedding or a party, you can use these ideas to make your own favors, place cards, or napkin rings.

Which is your favorite table?  Tell me what you like most about it.  Where do you get your inspiration to create?