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A Rose Is A Rose

Roses have been a choice for wedding flowers for centuries.  I like them because they come in a myriad of colors.  They are versatile and romantic, and they can be formal or informal.  Different colors have different meanings.  In Victorian times, bouquets of flowers were sent as a way to send a specific message to the receiver of them.  Roses were a primary flower in these bouquets.  Each color had a special meaning:

Red = love and romance

Pink = love, gratitude, and appreciation

Yellow = joy and friendship

White = innocence and purity

Orange = passion, enthusiasm, and desire

Lavender = enchantment, majesty, or love at first sight.

Jason and Nana’s wedding was rose-themed.  The site of the ceremony was Rose Hill Wedding Chapel.  It’s a beautiful little church, perfectly suited to a romantic wedding.

The inside is just as pretty as the outside, as you can see by this awesome photo of Jason and Nana, taken from the balcony of the chapel.  Gary Cable, Cable Photography, did a great job of capturing a special moment.

Nana’s bouquet reflected her enthusiastic personality with its orange roses.  Mango calla lilies and white Bouvardia accented it.  It was a really beautiful bouquet, just like Nana!

We added lots of flowers to the pews, and made urns full of roses and calla lilies for the altar.

The reception was held at MeadowView Hotel and Conference Center.  The new ballroom was gorgeous!  Nana and Jason’s colors went perfectly.  We added more color to the flowers by adding the romance and love of the red roses.

We designed the tall centerpieces to compliment each other.  One design was for the roses to move in a circle.  The other was for the roses to go in a vertical design.  What do you think of these designs?

The wedding cake was pretty, too.  I wonder if it tasted as good as it looked?  I’ll bet it did, because Marji Chambers from Cake Art made it!  The callas are made from icing.  Don’t they look real?

We wish Nana and Jason many years of happiness together.

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Pam Archer

Pamela’s Event Design

Fall Weddings

We love doing Fall weddings.  The colors of the flowers are so much more vibrant, due to the cooler weather.  Meagan and Aaron’s wedding color palette played to the colors of autumn so beautifully.  They chose teal and red, but in much more muted tones than what we normally see.  The end result was breathtaking!  Jim Goodwin did a great job of capturing this picture of the bridesmaids:

The reception was in  the Grand Soldier’s Ballroom, at The Carnegie Hotel.  The ballroom is a replica of the dining room on the Titanic:

The room needed very little added decoration.  We chose the neutral linen so it wouldn’t compete with the elegance of the room.   The couple’s colors were brought in with the flowers:

Lots of candles made it very romantic:

Meagan enjoyed some time with her guests.  Notice the water in the vases on the mantle:

Don’t you just love this peek of the wedding cake, by Marji Chambers?

Meagan and her mom, Teri, were a delight to work with.  It wasn’t like work at all!  I think the wedding was exquisite and everything turned out so perfectly.  Now that’s a success!

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Pam Archer, President

Pamela’s Event Design

Once Married-Twice Wed

Isaac and Lindsey didn’t want to wait to be married, but their dreams of a wedding had to be put on hold.  They married a little more than a year ago, and their long awaited wedding became reality in September of this year.  This wedding color palette was one of our very favorite, and perfectly suited to the late-summer/early fall wedding.  Cymbidium orchids, roses, garden roses, and hydrangea were stunning on the gazebo.

The wrought iron garden gates, and the urns of hydrangea and roses,  added old world charm to the setting.

The eggplant bridesmaids dresses and the flower colors were stunning!

The colors and style were carried forward in the reception decor.

For more pictures from this picture-perfect wedding, go to Pamela’s Event Design

Up next, see what we did with a peacock themed wedding.

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Pam Archer


Wedding Day – Flower Explosion

WHEW! We made it!  Jerrica and Anthony are married and on their honeymoon.

We started unloading the truck at 8:00 am at The Martha Washington Inn.

Seventeen of us worked as fast and meticulously as we could, taking only a thirty minute lunch break.

The wedding gazebo was laden with Dendrobium orchids from Thailand, peonies from Israel, garden roses, hybrid tea roses, and spray roses from Ecuador.  All of these flowers were accustomed to the heat, so the 94 degree temperature wasn’t too much for them to remain beautiful. 6,000 fragrant rose petals covered the aisle!

After the ceremony, guests were directed through the courtyard pathway into the hotel. We set up a separate ballroom for the children, with decor that would be fun for them.

The ballroom was breathtaking! The champagne, ivory, and taupe color scheme was exceptional against the classic decor of the room. Ken Sharples, from Cover the Top Party Rentals, provided the linens for the tables. Antique crystal chandeliers held the diamond crystal draping over the dance floors. The windows were also draped with the crystals. Uplites accented Dendrobium orchids in vases, topped with balls of roses. Each of these centerpieces had 150-180 roses in the balls.

Susie Johnson, from Susie’s Wedding Cakes, made the magnificent wedding cake. She also designed and made the adorable groom’s cake. The cake was patterned after their dog, Carmen.

All of the long hours and hard work were worth it when Jerrica entered the ballroom before the wedding, to see what we had done. She looked at me and started to cry. She was ecstatic with the beauty of it, and said it was better than she had imagined. We love it when the bride is overwhelmed. We feel that we have done our job when she gasps and cries!

It was a pleasure to work with Jerrica. She has exquisite taste and style.
Several hundred man hours later, the dream was reality. Hear are some summary comments from three of our amazing staff members, including Maria LaBarbera, my beautiful daughter, and business partner.  Joe, my son-in-law, is invaluable to our business, as is my husband, Chuck.

A special word of thanks for all of my staff, Maria and Joe LaBarbera, Chuck Archer, Abby Simmons, Adrianne Cowan, Phyllis Neurdenberg, Sara Watson, Loriann Calcott, Ann Collins, Alison Russell, Mary Cargle, Tony and Jamie Williams, Lea Williams, Tim Smith. and John and Sherree Williams.

Congratulations to Jerrica and Anthony!  We wish you many years of health and happiness together.

Day Two-Wedding Flower Explosion

It’s been a very long day today. We starting working at 8:00 am and called it a night at 10:30 pm.

I was assured that flowers would be at the workshop by NOON today. They didn’t arrive. We kept wondering when they were coming. At 4:40, I received a call from my husband that when he came home from work there were six boxes of flowers baking in the hot sun at our front door since 10:30 this morning, at 92 degrees! These flower brokers had our work address!

So it was On the phone again for me today to the first wholesaler. They re-shipped, for the third time, to cover their replacements for the wrong flowers that they sent. Those are due in tomorrow, priority.

The second flowers shipper got it wrong, too. They had to re-ship and that shipment didn’t arrive at all.

My husband brought the shipment from home, and we opened the boxes. The wedding’s color scheme is white, champagne, creamy blush, and pale sandy peach. Most of what was in the box were orange and orange, yellows. Not able to use!@

Finally, after all the phone calls to get things corrected, we prayerfully are expecting all of the right ones to come in tomorrow.

Other than a few burnt fingers from hot glue, and having to call a repairman for the breakdown of the lift on the refrigerator truck, we are doing fairly well.

Tomorrow is a super long day. We will work
in the workshop all morning and afternoon, then go after that to The Martha Washington Inn to begin hauling supplies.

Here is a short video clip of the day shift at work.

Day One – Wedding Flower Explosion

Planning a wedding is a process.  It takes many, many hours of time to design a dream wedding, and even more hours to bring it to life.

We’ve been working for several months on a wedding that is taking place this Saturday at The Martha Washington Inn, in Abingdon, Virginia.  We are so excited, because we were given lots of creative freedom, and we have fun things to work with.  This is when we do our best work.  The bride and her mom have been super to work with, and I’ve grown to love them both.   We can’t wait for this wedding!  It’s going to be incredible.  Move over Platinum Weddings, because you don’t have a thing on this one.

I thought it might be fun to journal in this blog regarding our experiences “behind-the-scenes” this week.  Today is Day One.

Today started at 6:30 am with a call to the local wholesaler to see if the truck bearing part of our flowers had arrived from Miami.  Then, it was talking with our driver regarding picking up the refrigerator truck, and making arrangements for him to pick up the first shipment.  Workers arrived at 9:00 and began filling the buckets with water and floral preservative, in preparation for the flowers.  We began unpacking flowers, stripping roses of their thorns and leaves, and trimming each and every stem of the more than 3, 000 blooms.

FedEX arrived with the flowers from Ecuador shortly after.  Another 1,000 flowers will be here tomorrow.  So far, one worker injured her foot in a fall.  We pray it isn’t broken, but she definitely needs x-rays.   A few of us have bleeding fingers from stray thorns, but that’s all in a day’s work for a floral designer.  There were a few problems with the wrong varieties of roses being shipped, and some substitutions that were unacceptable, so that was several more hours of phone calls to get replacements shipped.  It’s all par for the course.

The flowers have made it to East Tennessee from around the world.  Israel, Ecuador, Holland, and various other countries are represented in this mass effort to put together this picture-perfect wedding.

I took some Flip video today, so that you can see what 3,000 roses and peonies look like.

Be sure to check back for video from tomorrow, and every day, culminating with the grande event on Saturday.

Outdoor Wedding Rained Out

Saturday was an example of having to resort to Plan B.  The weather was iffy from the get-go.  Scattered showers throughout the region made the decision to move the outdoor wedding at The Oaks Castle indoors.  The sun would shine, then the heavens would open up with thundering rainstorms.

The decision was made at the last moment possible, to allow decorating and setting up of tables and chairs inside.  The castle has a couple of covered terraces, which was nice for tables and chairs.  The wedding was intimate and sweet.  Guests didn’t seem to mind standing for the ceremony, and there was plenty of casual seating for the reception.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you must have a Plan B.  For as much as you just know the weather will be perfect on your wedding day, it can be inclement.  Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst case scenario.

I invite you inside The Oaks Castle for a tour.  If this doesn’t put you in the mood for a wedding, nothing will.  I apologize in advance for my little boo boo of dropping the camera. 

Happy Plan B planning!