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Engagement Photos-Taylor Morgan Photography

Taylor Morgan

I’ve known Taylor Morgan for about ten years.  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She’s generous, kind, compassionate, and has a heart as big as Texas, where she was born and raised.  Along with being a favorite on-air personality on WTFM 98.5.  Taylor maximizes her platform with the radio program to reach out and help those in need and raises awareness for many worthy causes.  Thousands of lives have been touched and impacted by Taylor.  She is just an all-round awesome person!

Adding to her many talents and abilities, Taylor excels in photography.  As the owner of Taylor Morgan Photography, she specializes in family photography and weddings.  I could spend hours looking at her pictures.  What is special about her photography is her eye for capturing emotion.  Her photos tell a story!  So, when it came to trusting someone to take my daughter’s engagement and wedding pictures, she was my first choice.  I was so happy when Abby and Jordan decided that she would be their choice, too.  Okay, I must confess…Taylor is also my niece!!!  Nepotism aside, she quite simply ROCKS!

It’s January, which means it is winter in Tennessee.  Finding a day that is warm enough to take pictures outdoors was a challenge.  These “trial” engagement session images turned out so well, that an additional session wasn’t necessary.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

I can’t choose a favorite!  They are all good.  Taylor took about 500 shots, so to choose one or two from so many fabulous images is impossible!  Thank you, Taylor, for creating these memories for my children, family, and me!  You are awesome!  You can contact Taylor for your photography session through Facebook, or by calling 423.367.2055.

This post is the first in a series of wedding photographers that, in my opinion, some of the best.  They are talented and easy to work with.  Check back soon to read about another talented photographer from the Sunshine State of Florida!

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Pam Archer

Pamela’s Event Design

Crystals and Bling add Sparkle to a Winter Wedding

I love it when my team and I are able to bring a bride’s vision to life!  When I first met with Lindsey, she said she was obsessed with bling and pearls.  I understood that, because I am obsessed with them, too. 🙂  Taking her ideas and colors, I started my research to find some unique things to use at her reception.  We didn’t disappoint.  Lindsey’s mom said that she felt like she was at a celebrity event at the reception.  It certainly looked like a celebrity event.

We made bouquets of cream and cobalt blue roses and Blue Bombay Dendrobium orchids to accent the bridesmaids dresses:

We accented the pews with the same color combination and flowers:

Lindsey’s bouquet was made up of cream roses, stephanotis with Swarovski jewels, and freesia:

The ballroom looked spectacular.  I would have been excited to spend the evening here, were I a guest:

Joe is an expert at making dance floors look amazing.  He flanked this one with crystal beaded columns and up-lit them with lavender lighting.  Crystal curtains above the dance floor added to the look.  The result was dramatic and romantic, just what the bride and groom asked for:

Lindsey’s dream was to have some tall flower arrangements on some of her tables.  This one has more than 40 Dendrobium orchids and about 75 roses in it.  The linens were simply spectacular:

We are known for attending to every little detail of an event.  The napkin rings are made from the same diamond wrap that was used around the vases:

Don’t you love these crystal trees I found?  We wove lavender crystal and pearl strands into them to add her color and up-lit them for soft lighting:

Lindsey and her new husband, Trevor, made a grand entrance through a baseball bat arch.  Why?  Trevor is a professional baseball player!

You know how I love wedding cakes!  This was a very pretty one.  I had never seen a lavender cake before.  It was very nice.

Gary and LaDonna Cable from Cable Photography did an awesome job of capturing the magic of this wedding.   Hannah Meade made the wedding cake.  What a beautiful couple and wedding!

What was your favorite detail of this wedding?

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Pam Archer, President

Pamela’s Event Design


Random Wedding Week – Saturday

Do you ever look through old photographs and find some favorites you had forgotten about?  I did that this week, and over the next few posts, I am going to share a few with you.  There will be lots of random wedding things, from DIY projects for your bridesmaids and some of my favorite wedding photography shots,  to cake details, so check back every couple of days for some really cute ideas.

Indulge me today, as I show you the most beautiful flower girl EVER!  Not that I am the least bit biased, but this child…ahem…my great-niece…is every bit as sweet and angelic as she looks.  But, before I show you her picture as a flower girl, I want to share a picture that was captured of her playing dress up.  Notice the bare feet…sweet dirt, that’s what I call it.

playing dress-up

Just tell me that Laura Beth is not a beautiful child!  Between those eyes and the pearls….

Check out this black and white flower girl dress!

Black and white tulle flower girl dress

On a personal note, Laura Beth’s baby brother was born this week.  She first saw Asa before they had cut the umbilical cord.  She asked her mom, “When are they going to cut the power cord?”  How cute is that!

Do you have some cute flower girl or ring bearer pictures to share?  I’ll post them here.  Just e-mail them to me at  If I receive enough, I’ll do a contest.

Flower Girls Steal the Show

Let’s face it.  While the bride is the star of the show, it’s the flower girl who is the scene stealer.  After all, girls will be girls.  Flower girls are darling, they bring an innocence to the ceremony.  There are so many on-line sources for dresses for them that it is almost too hard to pick just one.  I found some really adorable ones for our 2011 starlets.  But before we get to that, take a look at these cuties:

I’m still laughing at this next one. It took a few seconds for me to realize what they had done:

You can practice all you want, but flower girls have their own way of doing things:

Flower girls aren’t limited to wearing white.  They can wear a contrasting color to the bridesmaids, or the same color as the bridesmaids.  Here are a few examples that won’t break the bank.  All of these are under $75!  The first one is from The Wooden Soldier:

I found lots of beautiful, inexpensive dresses at Pink Princess:

A flower girl’s dress doesn’t have to be a solid color.  Plaids and prints are very sweet and pretty, particularly for an outdoor wedding.  This one is from Cutie Clothes

Which dress is your favorite?  Why?  Please share your funny flower girl story in the Comments below.

Personalize Your Wedding; A Wedding Story

Erin b&w log_webIf you are a regular reader of this blog, you might be getting dizzy from the constant change of its look.  What can I say?  I’m a creative person, and easily bored.  I’m in continuous search of ways to make it look more professional, edgy, or pleasing to the eye.  The problem is that I am stuck in a blogging platform that doesn’t allow me much freedom to customize.  In a few weeks, I will be making a changeover to one that will allow me to create it from scratch; almost. 

Weddings can be that way.  Cookie cutter ceremonies abound.  Have you heard the same vows repeated, or the same songs played, at the past five weddings you have attended?  How many times have you done the Chicken Dance, the Electric Slide, or the YMCA, at a reception?  Have you felt awkward as you watched the groom pull the bride’s garter off with his teeth?  It’s all been done, and done, and re-done. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are. 

Personalizing your wedding has absolutely nothing to do with your budget.  There are many ways you can do this.  My favorite example of personalization was Erin and Kevin’s wedding.  Everything about their day was a reflection of who they are.  Erin is carefree and fun; Kevin is more reserved.  erin kevin see 1_web



 They married in the chapel at the college, where they met.  They wanted an outdoor feel to the wedding.  The ceremony was relaxed, but reverent.  A vocalist led the congregation in praise and worship songs.  Liturgical dancers danced down the aisle with colorful banners, preparing the way for the bridal party.  Kevin and his parents entered and stood on the stage.  Erin and her parents appeared from the balcony.  Each of the moms read letters from the bride and groom about why they chose each other.

Erin came down from the balcony and entered the chapel door.  She walked down the gerbera daisy lined aisle to Kevin.  Her parents followed.  By this time, everybody’s eyes were filled with tears.

Erin Coming Down Aisle_web



The minister asked if anyone in the congregation would like to say a brief word of testimony about Kevin or Erin.  Several spoke.  It was very sweet.

The parents prayed a blessing over them.

For me, the most moving part of the ceremony was when Kevin knelt to wash Erin’s feet.  He wanted to do this as a sign of his commitment to take care of her.  It was a beautiful display of his servant heart.  As he did this, and as they took communion, the dancers danced around them. erin kevin communion_web

Once pronounced husband and wife, Kevin took Erin by the hand and twirled and danced her out of the chapel.  The bridal exited, dancing.
At the reception, guests were seated at tables covered in gingham table cloths in different pastel colors.  Kevin was a park ranger, and he loved Krispy Kreme donuts. 

We made an adorable display for his groom’s table.  Consistent with the country feel of the wedding and reception, Kevin whisked his bride away in a pick-up truck.

erin kevin bye

And they lived happily ever after!

erin kevin private moment_web

For those who didn’t know Kevin and Erin that well prior to the wedding, they certainly knew much more about them by the end of the day.  Think about ways that you can personalize your wedding.  It will be more memorable for you and your guests.  And HERE’S the Rest of the story….

erin, kevin, and baby girl

Unique Wedding Processionals

The first dance by the bride and groom moved past the awkward swaying to and fro of years past to hip, new, choreographed, fun dances.  Talk about a way to rock a party..these will do it.  The guests are unprepared for it.

This bride and groom obviously weren’t content with the ritualistic, ceremonial procession.  They got  jiggy with it!  I am all about personalizing your ceremony, but I would have preferred to see this at a reception.  I would really love to hear your comments about this one.

Save-the-Date Ideas

Save-the-date cards are fairly new to weddings.  The idea to let your guests know pretty far in advance about your wedding, is a great idea!  This enables them to reserve the spot on their calendars just for you.  Your out-of-town guests will have ample time to make travel arrangements, often saving them money on air fares and hotel accommodations.

Use your creativity, when designing your save-the-date cards.  Let your personality come through.  Your guests will enjoy seeing something a little different.  They aren’t up on the latest and greatest wedding ideas, so you can knock their socks off with your announcement.

Brooklyn Bride  had this cute STD idea on her blog.


If you like the ticket idea, Fabu-Luxe featured these darling ones: 


Or how about these tear-off cards from Carlson Crafts:

Save the date cards carlsoncrafts

If you are planning a beach wedding, here are some cute ideas for you.  The first one is from Save the Date.


How about this one from Invite Artist?


And last, but not least, scratch-off cards can entertain your potential guests.  From Wedding Solutions: