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Through a Photographer’s Eyes

Stan Crabtree is an artist who found his true passion the first time he picked up a camera.  Since he started Crabtree Photography he has photographed more than 300 weddings.  Ever improving his craft and staying current with the trends, he uses some of the best equipment available.  He said that when he first started, he made a portfolio of all of his pictures.  He took this to all the women he knew and asked for their honest feedback.  He received all positive reviews.  Of this experience he says, “Just because your friends say they love your work and that you are a good photographer only means that you have good friends.”  He is way too modest!  I have known Stan for several years.  He is a very kind, honest, and caring man, devoted husband and father, and a wedding vendor that I am completely comfortable referring a bride to.  He loves what he does, and he is good at it!

Stan’s photography is good, no matter what the occasion, but I am particularly impressed with his rural style.  He has been generous enough to allow me to share a few of my favorite images on this blog.

I’m a pushover for any photo of children, so I chose these two precious pictures:

What country wedding would be complete without boots?  I love this shot of the boots, bouquet, and veil.  I am going to pin this on Pinterest…another obsession of mine!

Candid shots are my favorite!  I wonder what’s going through their heads as they sit and enjoy each others company and the scenery?

I think this photo is stunning!  Can you see the reflection of the bride and her bouquet in the mirror across from her?

Brides, don’t walk to the phone to call Stan…RUN!!!  You can trust him with your wedding day and any other special event in your life.  Check out his website, too at Crabtree Photography.  Stan primarily serves the Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee area, but will travel upon request.

Thanks for stopping by.  I read and appreciate all of your comments, so please post one.  Tell all your friends about this blog and encourage them to visit, too.
Have a blessed day!
Pam Archer

Engagement Photos-Taylor Morgan Photography

Taylor Morgan

I’ve known Taylor Morgan for about ten years.  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  She’s generous, kind, compassionate, and has a heart as big as Texas, where she was born and raised.  Along with being a favorite on-air personality on WTFM 98.5.  Taylor maximizes her platform with the radio program to reach out and help those in need and raises awareness for many worthy causes.  Thousands of lives have been touched and impacted by Taylor.  She is just an all-round awesome person!

Adding to her many talents and abilities, Taylor excels in photography.  As the owner of Taylor Morgan Photography, she specializes in family photography and weddings.  I could spend hours looking at her pictures.  What is special about her photography is her eye for capturing emotion.  Her photos tell a story!  So, when it came to trusting someone to take my daughter’s engagement and wedding pictures, she was my first choice.  I was so happy when Abby and Jordan decided that she would be their choice, too.  Okay, I must confess…Taylor is also my niece!!!  Nepotism aside, she quite simply ROCKS!

It’s January, which means it is winter in Tennessee.  Finding a day that is warm enough to take pictures outdoors was a challenge.  These “trial” engagement session images turned out so well, that an additional session wasn’t necessary.  What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

I can’t choose a favorite!  They are all good.  Taylor took about 500 shots, so to choose one or two from so many fabulous images is impossible!  Thank you, Taylor, for creating these memories for my children, family, and me!  You are awesome!  You can contact Taylor for your photography session through Facebook, or by calling 423.367.2055.

This post is the first in a series of wedding photographers that, in my opinion, some of the best.  They are talented and easy to work with.  Check back soon to read about another talented photographer from the Sunshine State of Florida!

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Pam Archer

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Wedding Photography Vintage Style

Being a good photographer is more than possessing the ability to snap a clear image.  A photographer that excels, in my opinion, is the one who can capture a moment, bringing life to the image.

I follow several wedding photographers blogs.  I found a new favorite this week.  Forever by Kylene had some engagement photos on her blog this week that I absolutely adore.   Since I am a vintage freak, I particularly enjoyed these.  I have her permission to share them with you.


I grew up in the 1950’s, so this reminds me of our kitchen.




Do you see any familiar items in the picture?  I have these Fiesta dishes.  The curtains are made from a vintage table cloth.  There are some cute decorating ideas here, brides.





If you live in the sunshine state of Florida, or South Georgia, give Kylene a call for your photography needs.

If you enjoy vintage, or stories about the ’50’s and 60’s, check out Drive-In Movies and Drive-Up Meals.

Questions Wedding Vendors Hate

I’ve been querying wedding vendors about their experiences with brides and grooms.  One of the questions is “What questions do you hate?”  In this mini-series of blog posts, you will have a better understanding of life on the other side of the wedding planning process.  My first vendors are photographers.  Here are replies from two of them:

“I have a friend who likes to take pictures.  Can she follow you around and take them while you’re taking yours?”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK!”  This drives me crazy!  First of all, I have to deal with their flash going off, which interferes with my pictures.   It’s like dragging around a toddler, and it takes me twice as long to do my photos.”

“Hey, I just wanted to send you a link to this photographer.  I really like their style.  This is to give you an idea of some things I would like.”

“For us, being that we are 100% purist in photojournalism, the suggestion is usually for fashion/traditional work.  During our consultation, we go into great depths to explain and define our style.  We have a well defined style, which is not for everyone, and we are fully prepared to turn away business if a client wants something other than what we provide.  It is so very important for a bride to be fuly aware, and comfortable with how their photographer operates.  To ask a photographer to mimic another photographer’s style is insulting, and will limit their personal capabilities in serving you best with their personal expertise.  So, in a nutshell….do your research and know what’s important to you when it comes to the documentation of your day.”

I know the questions that frustrate me, but it’s interesting to learn from other vendors the ins and outs of their business.  I will continue this discussion with other photographers, caterers, bakers, florists, and videographers, so stay tuned.

Wedding Planning Mistake Number Nine

Arriving Late and Leaving Early

The wedding reception is a time for you to mingle with your guests.  These guests have set aside this time for you.  Making these friends and family wait for an hour or longer for you to arrive at the reception is too long.

Many brides and grooms are opting for having the wedding pictures taken before the ceremony.  This not only saves time, allowing you to enjoy more of your reception, but will soothe a lot of nerves.  The photographer can capture the groom’s reaction to the bride, when he first sees her, just as easily as he could during the ceremony.  This is a personal preference, of course.  Just be mindful of the time, should you choose to have them taken after the ceremony.  We have seen many guests leave a reception before the bridal party arrives.

If you are serving from a buffet, allow the guests to begin, prior to your arrival.  If it is a plated dinner, have hor d’ ourves, drinks,  and music while they wait.  As soon as you arrive and have your first dances, go ahead an cut the cakes.  If your guests have been there for a while, they will appreciate this.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to talk to your guests, and to enjoy fully your party.  This is your day, so celebrate and revel in the beauty of it.  Don’t cut it short.

Wedding Planning Mistake Number Six

Asking Friends or Family To Do the Job of a Professional

Your wedding day memories should not be left to chance.  There are many things that you can assign a special friend, or relative, to do to assist you with your wedding, but leave the professional jobs to a professional.  I’ve heard many horror stories about brides who left their photography to someone who is not accustomed to the special lighting and needs of a wedding photo session.  Some of your most memorable moments might not be documented, because Uncle Fred didn’t have enough camera batteries, or he was busy socializing. 

One of our brides let a friend do the photography.  The lighting was so horrible, that most of the pictures came out too dark to see what was what.  The remainder was put on a CD and the mother-of-the-bride discarded it by accident.  The friend had deleted the images from the camera and had not made a back up  disc.  Now, they don’t have any pictures at all!

Maybe Aunt Bessie makes a mean Red Velvet cake, but unless she has experience with the structure of a tiered cake, I wouldn’t suggest asking her to make your wedding cake. 

Another bride of ours had a neighbor make her cake.  She arrived at the reception hall as I was getting ready to leave.  I witnessed her applying frosting to the cake, licking her fingers and the knife, with every stroke. 

More than one bride has cried at her wedding, because she trusted a non-professional to do her flowers.  Unless they are professionally trained, friends have no idea how long it takes to put an event, such as a wedding, together.  Moms and brides drop their jaws when I tell them that our staff works a minimum of three full days, and sometimes an entire week, putting together the flowers and decorations for their wedding, not to mention the hours of preparation during the months prior.

Have a polished, perfect wedding by trusting those who know their job to do their job.

Wedding Planning Mistake Number One

Over the course of the next few days or weeks, I will be blogging about the biggest mistakes you can make when planning your wedding.  These tips will save you money, time, and heartache so be sure to check by soon, or subscribe to the blog, to get the next post.

Wedding Planning Mistake Number One is something I have termed ‘blurting’.  This means doing something before you think about it.

You get engaged, you’re all excited.  You call all your family and friends to tell them the big news.  Then, you focus on the first order of business.. your wedding dress.   So, you run out and spend $1,500 on your dress, only to find out that your budget is $5,000 for the entire wedding and you still have to pay for the venue, the caterer, photographer, florist, invitations, postage, etc.  This is blurting.

The solution to not running out of money is to do your homework…RESEARCH.

Sit down with your fiance and decide as a couple what you want.   Your top four expenses will be the venue, caterer, florist, and photographer.  Get recommendations from other vendors and friends, and go to see at least three of each of these vendors.  This will give you a good idea of what your dream wedding will cost.  Unless you have deep pockets, you will probably need to do some compromising and trimming.  The average cost of a wedding now, and I do mean average..nothing lavish, is $28,000 plus.

Once you have these quotes, sit down with your families, or whomever is paying for the wedding and you will have solid figures to put before them.  This will be the basis for deciding a budget. 

Educating yourself about the costs will save you time and money.  Research is your GPS to get to your destination.  Without a map, you will take many detours, and run into many ditches along your road to nuptials.  You might even get blindsided, so be prepared by having a solid plan in place, prior to spending money